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Make quick work of matter, vendor and invoice management and
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Simplify matters, vendors and invoices built on 20 years of know-how.


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See the story in your spending.

There’s an implementation phase. It’s called “this afternoon.”

LegalBill is a cloud-based, hassle-free way to manage your legal spending and matters, while getting an in-depth look at how your firms are performing. It was developed by a team of legal experts who’ve spent decades tracking millions of hours and billions of dollars in legal spend. It’s how you get the best work most efficiently, and you can get started right away.

  • Simplify operations for small to mid-size teams
  • Quickly set up law firms, timekeepers and matters
  • Get guided onboarding, with live chat and a dedicated client-success team

Centralize legal matter, vendor and invoice management, and see what happens to your workflow.   

Our legal matter management software centralizes all your legal data, simplifying and streamlining your workflow while improving collaboration and communication with contacts and timekeepers.

Easily create custom templates that match your workflow

Accrue invoices with a variety of budget templates across all matters

Easily and efficiently manage outside counsel and timekeeper data

Reduce work cycles and errors by automatically validating and adjudicating each invoice

LegalBill stacked screensots

What’s your spending trying to tell you?

See the story hidden in your spending, with built-in dashboards and reporting tools that deliver in-depth analysis of all your legal data. So you can easily spot savings and sharpen performance.

  • Get personalized insights impacting all areas of your business and cost centers
  • Get out-of-the-box reports built on industry best practices
  • Quickly build custom reports across matters, law firms, invoices and users

Free is great, and the rate of our legal matter management software after that is almost as good.

LegalBill trims cost and complications out of managing matters, reviewing legal bills and processing invoices. And you can try it now—for free—for 30 days. After that, pricing starts at $175 per user, per month.