7 Critical Factors When Choosing an eBilling Solution

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Your legal eBilling is an important way to track and monitor your legal spend. It is how you know how much your legal services cost, but also what outside counsel is doing and how they are performing.

Sophisticated eBilling solutions also give you powerful data. Translated into in- depth analytics, that data shows you clearly where you might be overspending. It shows you in detail where your legal spend might be out of range in comparison with others in your industry. You can see trends in your legal costs and make use of contextual information that helps you make informed, sound business decisions.

To best leverage all of your resources, look for software that does more than simply digitize your traditional invoices — you need a solution that helps you rethink your approach to legal spend and matter management. Here are seven important factors to consider when choosing a legal eBilling solution.

Lufthansa has been successfully working with Quovant for more than 15 years now. Quovant has not only helped us to lower our external legal spend – we also gained a detailed overview over the Group wide legal spend. Without Quovant we could not have reached the transparency we need to effectively steer our group wide legal spend in all countries we do business in.

– Legal Spend Manager at Lufthansa

We’ve Seen Everything, So We Can See You Through Anything.

Managing law firms means managing spending. Yet to effectively manage and measure the work your firms are doing—and the dollars going out the door—you need to dive deep into every digit and detail behind every invoice. But who has the time and training to do it—and do it right?

At Quovant, we’ve spent more than two decades analyzing outside legal spend and performance, so you don’t have to. So we can help you beyond basic spend analytics to see exactly where you can save as well as what your firms are doing, who’s doing it best and where you can do better. You’ll make informed choices, while cutting costs and complexity. And you can choose from our turnkey cloud solution to manage matters and spending yourself or tap our experienced team and proven technology to do it all for you.

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